Example of vehicles used on our Africa Tours

Africa Tours – we have all types of customized and scheduled Africa trips and specialize in honeymoons and family safari vacations or safari or beach holidays.

Let us help you plan your dream African vacation. There are 53 African countries and islands that offer unique attractions and activities. This can be quite daunting for someone visiting Africa for the first time. Where should you go to fit in what you are looking for? How long should you travel to each place? Therefore; we make recommendations; based on your interests, ages, budget, and experience. This takes away the stress and it will in fact; save you money and time.

We focus primarily on Africa Tours to Southern and Eastern African countries; as we are based in South Africa; so have traveled around them extensively and know most of the places you would visit.

We have ‘ready-made’ Africa tours that we call scheduled tours; where you travel with other people to set places. These depart on certain dates with other people and are usually in bigger vehicles; that accommodate up to 30 people (usually less). Or we can customize any tour for your requirements; to depart on any date and in any size vehicle. We work with your budget and your desires to plan your dream African adventure.

Dreaming of your ideal holiday with family and/or friends or just an escape for the two of you? Look no further as we can create the most suitable packages for all requests with flexible bookings and payment terms & conditions. Contact us with your ideas.