Namibia Cheetah

Namibia holiday information – Namibia offers amazing scenery for example Sossusvlei Dunes, Skeleton Coast, and great safari experiences in Etosha National Park.

Namibia is bordered by Angola and Zambia in the north, Botswana in the east, and South Africa in the southeast. The ocean in the west is the South Atlantic Ocean.

Namibia’s name comes from the Namib Desert; the oldest and most arid desert region in the world. Attractions include an unusual variety of desert-adapted animals and plants; such as the living fossil plant; Welwitschia mirabilis. The desert stretches for miles along Namibia‚Äôs Atlantic coastline.

Namibia has the largest population of wild cheetah.

Namibia is an amazing country for a holiday; with something to offer everyone. The main attractions/reasons people holiday in Namibia is to visit Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei & The Namib Naukluft Park, Skeleton Coast, Damaraland, Kaokoland, Swakopmund, Okonjima Nature Reserve, Zambezi Region including the Caprivi Strip, and the Fish River Canyon.

Namibia safari holiday - Zebra
Namibia safari holiday – Zebra


Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and as such; is everything one would expect of a capital city with top hotels, casinos, bars, and restaurants. A must-visit in Windhoek; is the famous Joe’s Beerhouse; a fun and quirky steakhouse bar filled with relics of old and collections of new; each artifact with its very own story and humor; like using toilets as bar stools.

Windhoek surrounded by mountains
Windhoek surrounded by mountains

The city is located in a basin; between the Auas Mountains (to the southeast), the Eros Mountains (to the northeast), and the Khomas Hochland (to the west). Consequently; its high altitude ensures a fairly temperate climate. The evenings can get chilly; but this is a welcome respite after the long, warm days.

It is one of the cleanest and safest African cities; that has managed to retain some of its ‘Old German’ charm from the days of German Colonialism. The city is home to just over 325 000 people; so is relatively small in comparison to most capitals.

Windhoek is often the starting point for your travels because it is the only Namibian city with an international airport. Walvis Bay Airport receives flights from South Africa only.

A number of holiday tours of Namibia will include either your first, or last night in Windhoek. There are 2 airports in Windhoek; Hosea Kutako International Airport is about 40km’s out of town and Eros Airport; which is used for charter flights. Or pick up a car (we recommend a 4×4 but at least a 2×4); or join a guided Nambia safari holiday.

Windhoek is probably most famous for its beer; named after the city (Lager, Draft & Light is available) and a visit to the breweries is very enjoyable. Tafel Lager is also brewed by the same company.