Kenya Wedding

Enjoy your wedding on safari surrounded by the Masai warriors in the Masai Mara or Samburu National Park. Or, get married on the white sandy beaches on the Kenyan coast. Kenya has, for some time, been a popular honeymooners delight. And it is now becoming increasingly sought after as a wedding destination. Whether it be a classic beach wedding, a hot air balloon wedding, or a traditional safari wedding.

Renewal of Vows and ‘Mock’ Weddings in Kenya

Most guests chose to just do a ‘mock’ wedding in Kenya. This eliminates the need for all the paperwork and keeps things much more simple. And a lot cheaper! So, couples do the legalities in their home country and have their wedding celebration in Kenya.

Religious Ceremony

There are a number of different types of religious ceremonies possible under Kenyan law. Obviously, there needs to be a church/venue nearby. It is important to check if they will marry you as a ‘foreign’ couple. To make things simpler, most clients choose a civil ceremony.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies can be at the local Registrar’s Office. Or any other venue as long as it has a special license. A special license eliminates the time periods required for the marriage to be recognized. Therefore; this is a great way to ease the process for a destination wedding in Kenya. You will need to arrive 4 days prior to the wedding.

Documents required for a wedding in Kenya

A copy of the passport and birth certificate of the bride and groom (bring originals with you).
An affidavit that the bride and groom are single (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage). If either party is divorced a Decree Absolute. If widowed; a death certificate of the former spouse and previous marriage certificate.
A letter stating the full names, addresses, and occupations of the couple.

All documents must be translated into English

You should allow for a minimum of six weeks prior to your departure date to obtain the necessary paperwork.
The Kenyan government has introduced new administrative requirements for non-Kenyan citizens to obtain a marriage license. Please check with your nearest Kenyan Embassy or Consulate for the latest information. Or contact the Kenya Marriage Registrar’s Office in Nairobi. Official ceremonies can only take place after a minimum four day stay in Kenya.

Kenya safari wedding
Kenya safari wedding in Samburu National Reserve

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