Zimbabwe culture

Zimbabwe Tour – An amazing holiday destination offering attractions for everyone from safaris to adventure. Zimbabwe combines well with Botswana and the Kaza (Caprivi) section of Namibia plus of course; South Africa.

Zimbabwe is safe and is booming especially the Victoria Falls and Hwange areas; where new developments have joined the great product offerings here.

The climate is warm without being oppressive, with a daily sunshine average of seven hours all year round. Equally warm are the Zimbabwean people, renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.

Zimbabwe is a small, landlocked country; with exceptional natural beauty. Bordered by Zambia in the northwest; Mozambique from north to the southeast; South Africa in the south, and Botswana in the west.  Due to its location; it is ideal to add on to any itineraries in these countries.

English is one of the official languages with other widely spoken languages being Shona & Ndebele.

Zimbabwe attractions

The most visited attractions on a Zimbabwe tour include the famous Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park (only 90-minute road transfer, a short light aircraft transfer from Victoria Falls), Lake Kariba, and Mana Pools. Together these can make a great Zimbabwe tour.

Matopos offer incredible beauty
Matopos offer incredible beauty

The second-largest city in Zimbabwe is Bulawayo; which is the gateway to Matopos. The Matopos National Park and Hills are an area of granite kopjes and wooded valleys; nicknamed Bald Heads due to the huge boulders here; some 35 km (22 mi) south of Bulawayo in southern Zimbabwe. They are a big tourist attraction due to their ancient shapes and local wildlife, and furthermore; to visit Cecil John Rhodes’s grave.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Great Zimbabwe Ruins (about 4 hours from Bulawayo)

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins is the largest complex of ruins in Africa south of the pyramids in Egypt. With walls of over 9 meters in height and 4 meters thick; it is an incredible sight and worth the visit (see photo above).

The country’s extreme east is mountainous; known as the Eastern Highlands; with Mount Nyangani as the highest point at 2,592 m; as well as the Bvumba Mountains and the Nyanga National Park. World’s View is in these mountains and it is from here that places as far away as 60–70 km (37–43 mi) are visible; on clear days, the town of Rusape can be seen.

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