Phinda wedding on safari

African Wedding on a safari or at a beautiful beach in Africa – what could be more exciting? Get married on a deserted African beach surrounded by only the ones you love. Or enjoy an “Out of Africa” romantic safari wedding experience.

Everyone has different ideas about what would be the perfect African Wedding. So we will need to know as much about your vision as possible; so we can create your dream wedding. We take care of all the details; so you can relax and enjoy your African wedding, and perhaps your African honeymoon too.

When it comes to choosing extra decor for a destination wedding, aim to buy from local merchants. This can save you money, but most importantly; you won’t have to worry about delays that may occur if your things are held by customs for whatever reason.

Africa A-Z will exceed your expectations by pulling out all the stops. We take away all the stress and anxiety. Saving you valuable time and giving you something to truly look forward to. Relax and enjoy the moment as we take care of everything for you.

We can tailor-make all weddings to your requirements. Marriage laws and procedures differ in each country; so it is important to allow enough time to get through the red tape. Have a look at some of the information provided on the links below; or contact your home affairs department in your country to get more specific information. Making sure your wedding will be recognized in your home country; is the most important task.

We do most of our beach weddings in Mauritius or safari weddings in the Kruger National Park. Even if a package isn’t shown on our website, we can usually arrange using our strategic partners in all destinations.

Renewal of Vows

Some people prefer to take care of the legalities at home so there are no issues. We call this renewal of vow ceremonies. This is a great idea for destination weddings in Africa. Mauritius, Seychelles, and Zanzibar are very popular for destination renewal of vow ceremonies.

Get married in Mauritius
Get married in Mauritius

Top Tip: Brides carrying their wedding dress should pack it carefully in tissue in a suitcase or box marked ‘Fragile’. Lighter gowns can be packed in a cardboard box and placed in the overhead storage on the plane.

African Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are appealing for a variety of reasons; one of which is the opportunity to marry out in the open, in a romantic oceanfront setting; while the wind and waves sing their praises over your union. The allure of an intimate beach wedding stems from the fact that it allows you to plan your day; with relative ease, however; some beach weddings can be large and lavish. You’ll be able to decide how dressed up you want to be on your big day; what elements from a traditional wedding you want to leave out or; embrace, and you’ll have plenty of room to experiment with beach and ocean-side wedding themes. Beach weddings are very popular, especially in Mauritius and Cape Town, South Africa.

One should always take into account the warmer weather where you are planning your celebration. Therefore; it is advisable to choose outfits and accessories that are cool to wear to make your day more enjoyable.

African beach wedding
African beach wedding in Mauritius

Wedding Packages

Below are some of the wedding packages available. We have many more that we are still to add so just let us know where you would like to get married and we can send you the package or tailor-make a package for you.

Victoria Falls Weddings ↓

This includes Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and the Zambian side of the Falls, Livingstone. These packages are for international guests (if you live in South Africa, Zimbabwe or Zambia, you will get residents rates so you need to get in touch with a local agent rather).

Kenya Weddings ↓

Our Kenya wedding package are designed for guests who are not from/living in Kenya or any SADC regions.

Our Seychelles, and Tanzania (including Zanzibar) wedding packages are to follow soon.