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Dreaming of an African vacation – the big question is what African Trip Type are you interested in? Most people come to Africa for a safari. Often a once in a lifetime dream. But for most, this is a special African trip type. A honeymoon, multi-generational family vacation or special interest. So, besides the normal tours, we have tried to focus on a few special interests to try to assist you to choose the best for you. What type of African trip would you like?

Is it a honeymoon? Think romantic private dinners, special turn downs, and magical African destinations. Or two for one: Have your wedding and also your honeymoon in Africa. Book a whole lodge / hotel or just the two of you to escape the costly wedding at home.

How about an African family vacation? Multi-generational holidays have become very popular as people have realized how much we need to connect with family.

These are some of the African trip types we offer but can do pretty much anything; so do not hesitate to contact us.

This is all about the ‘African holiday experiences’. You will find all kinds of things to do there for example Africa Golf, Gorilla Trekking, Safari, Family or Beach Holidays, Weddings and Honeymoons.

Africa Golf Tour
South Africa Golf – Steenberg Golf Club

African Tours

We have tours for Southern and Eastern Africa. These tours usually have specific departure dates and we try to include costs for the year ahead. They include combination tours for example South Africa and Eswatini or Mozambique.
Botswana Tour
eSwatini tour (ex Swaziland)
Kenya Tour
Madagascar Tour
Malawi Tour – coming soon
Mauritius Golf Tour – this is the courses and hotels that offer golf packages
Mozambique Tour
Namibia Tour
Rwanda Tour – coming soon
South Africa Golf Tour – Courses, Golf Tours and hotels that offer golf
South Africa Tour
Tanzania Tour
Uganda Tour
Zambia Tour
Zimbabwe Tour

Alternatively; get in touch to let us know what you are interested in. Don’t forget to give us as much information as you can; because that will help us find the most suitable package for you. Whatever holiday you would like. We specialize in custom-made tours that are designed to your specific requirements and therefore; provide you with the best experiences in Africa.