African Destinations and Tours

Destinations and Tours for an African vacation – There are 53 African countries, including islands off the coast of Africa. Choosing your destinations for your African vacation is a big decision as there are so many amazing choices. Where should you go to fit in what you are looking for? How long should you travel to each place? Therefore; we make recommendations; based on your interests, ages, budget, and experience. This takes away the stress and it will in fact; save you money and time.

With this in mind; our website aims to cover the main reasons to visit countries in Southern and Eastern Africa; to assist you to make this decision (but if it isn’t covered on this site, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it). We also have all types of customized and scheduled Africa trips and specialize in honeymoons and family vacations or safari or beach holidays.

South Africa safari at Ngala Safari Lodge
Ngala Safari Lodge couch safari

African Destination and Tours

We focus primarily on Southern & East African vacation packages. We are based in South Africa so have traveled around these extensively. We are very familiar with all Southern & Eastern Africa properties and the best attractions. Being based in South Africa, this is obviously our highest area of expertise.

We have scheduled tours to Southern and East Africa; where you travel with other people to set places. These depart on certain dates and are usually in bigger vehicles; that accommodate up to 30 people (usually less). There are so many options so we’ve given you some ideas about tours and the countries that they are in.

African Destinations and Tours
Africa Tours vehicles for transfers

However; we mostly design customized itineraries for our clients from all over the world. We take into account your ‘bucket list’ desires and advise you on logistical matters saving you time and money.

Dreaming of your ideal holiday with family and/or friends or just an escape for the two of you? Look no further as we can create the most suitable packages for all requests with flexible bookings and payment terms & conditions. Contact us with your ideas.

Let Africa A-Z design a tour to match your requirements; don’t forget we can easily combine African destinations ensuring your whole trip goes smoothly.

We have been in operation since 2004 and treat our clients like family rather than just a number. Ultimately; this is why we have such a high number of repeat clients and referrals. Africa A-Z is your trusted one-stop African travel shop.

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