Victoria Falls

Zambia is an adventurer’s paradise especially if you fancy a canoe or walking safari at Kafue, Lower Zambezi & North, and South Luangwa National Park or sheer adrenaline activities like whitewater rafting, Bungi jumping at Victoria Falls (Livingstone).

Acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit; Zambia’s welcoming people live in peace and harmony. It has one of the lowest population-to-land ratios in Africa; with only 10 million people in a country that is half the size of Europe. There are 72 different ethnic groups and languages. All of whom have their own cultural traits and differences.

Zambia is a large landlocked country which is bordered by Angola in the West, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania in the north, Malawi in the west, Mozambique & Zimbabwe in the South, and the tips of Namibia and Botswana (also in the South). This makes it a good connecting stop-over for Botswana, Malawi, the Caprivi/Kaza Strip in Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Zambia has the largest water resources in the whole of Southern Africa. With 5 massive lakes and rivers offering excellent fishing. The most popular is Lake Kariba; Zambia’s undiscovered Riviera! This is Africa’s largest man-made dam; 226km long and in places up to 40 km wide. It provides considerable electric power to both Zambia and Zimbabwe and supports a thriving commercial fishing industry. The sheer size of it makes one forget it’s a dam and in certain places. It almost feels like an ocean! There are a number of houseboats and accommodations on the banks of the dam. Most of these on on the Zimbabwe side.

Tiger fishing is very popular; especially in Lower Zambezi National Park and Lake Kariba.

Zambia map
Map of Zambia

More about Zambia

Zambia is divided into 10 provinces. Below are some of the highlights of each one, so you know what to expect from each part of this beautiful country:

Central Zambia

Central Zambia’s capital is Kabwe. Highlights of the province include the northern section of Kafue National Park, Blue Lagoon National Park and the Kasanka National Park.


The capital of the Copperbelt is Ndola. The mineral rich industrial area is home to no national parks but has highlights such as the Chembe Bird Sanctuary and Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage.

Eastern Zambia

The capital city of Eastern Zambia is Chipata. The province is home to some of Zambia’s (and Africa’s) most popular national parks including both the North and South Luangwa National Park, Lukusuzi National Park and Luambe National Park (covered briefly at the end of the Luangwa page).


The capital of Luapula is Mansa. Named after the Luapula River, the province is home to Lake Bangweulu, Lake Mweru, the Luapula River and the now inaccessible Lusenga Plain National Park.


The province is also the national capital named Lusaka. Highlights of the province include the Lower Zambezi National Park, parts of the Kafue Flats and parts of the lower Luangwa Valley as well as parts of the Lunsemfwa River valley.


This is a newly formed province which is made up from parts of the Northern and Eastern provinces. The capital of the province is Chinsali. The introduction of a new province has been done in an effort to streamline local administrative structures.

Northern Zambia

The capital of this province is Kasama. Places of interest include Lake Bangweulu, Lake Tanganyika, Nsumbu National Park, Mweru Wantipa National Park and Nyika National Park. The province covers approximately one fifth of the land area in Zambia and is the largest of Zambia’s provinces. There are more than 17 waterfalls in this province including the second highest in Africa.

North-Western Zambia

The north-western province has 12 districts and its capital is Solwezi. It is known to be one of the most sparingly populated provinces and is home to some incredible scenery such as the West Lunga National Park, the Busanga Swamps (under Kafue) and the glorious Zambezi grasslands. The source of the Zambezi originates in this province.

Southern Zambia

Southern Zambia’s capital is the famous town of Livingstone. It is home to one of Zambia’s premier tourist attractions, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. Other notable attractions include the southern half of the Kafue National Park, Lake Kariba and Lochinvar National Park.

Western Zambia

It is one of the largest provinces by land area, but it is scarcely populated. The capital is Mongu. Main attractions include all the water activities found along the Zambezi River, the Sioma Ngwezi National Park and the Liuwa Plain National Park. A large area of this province is known as the Barotse Floodplains and many villages move to higher ground each year and return in the dry season to farm the rich soils.

Where to go in Zambia for your vacation

Most people visit Victoria Falls which is in Livingstone and offers a huge range of activities from safaris to bungee jumping; cultural visits to gorge swings or swimming in Devil’s Pool!

The wildlife is superb and some of the finest safaris on the planet are available in the many national parks; including the Lower Zambezi National Park, South and North Luangwa National Park, and Kafue National Park. Game populations are very high; making it an all-around great safari destination. Canoe and Walking safaris have become very popular in Zambia.

Whether this is your first safari ever; or one of many memorable adventures; Zambia is a wonderful destination for everyone! It is a beautiful country with so much to offer. As well as the spectacular variety of wildlife and birds. It is also rich with a vibrant culture and friendly people, stunning landscapes, and scenery.

All our Zambia Safaris and Tours

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Two Rivers Safari Package

Two Rivers Safari Package (9 Days)

The 9 day Two Rivers Safari Package is an exploration of the Zambezi and Luangwa Rivers in Zambia. The mighty Zambezi and the dramatic Luangwa Rivers flow through and along Zambia’s two prime destinations. The South Luangwa National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park. …

South Luangwa Walking Safari

South Luangwa Walking Safari (8 or 10 Days)

The South Luangwa Walking Safari is a 7 or 9 night adventure with Robin Pope Safaris. The oldest (1990) and best walking operator in Zambia. Ditching the confines of the game drive vehicle for a pair of walking boots. As you venture out in the …

Rovos Rail Dar es Salaam Journey

Rovos Rail Dar es Salaam (15 Days)

Rovos Rail to Dar es Salaam is an epic train journey that travels through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania. This journey is one of the most famous in the world. The sojourn begins in Cape Town taking guests to the historic village of …

Victoria Falls Tours

Victoria Falls Day Tours

Victoria Falls, the ‘Adventure Capital of Southern Africa’, offers many day tours/activities to do here. This includes both the Zambian side, Livingstone, and the Zimbabwean side, Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls Activities are most centered around the water but also include air activities etc. Some of …

See our Zambia accommodation options below. Please let us know what you would like to do on your vacation or honeymoon. Zambia is also great for families* with a number of lodges and camps offering villas or tents that can accommodate the whole bunch of you!

*Zambia family friendly accommodation.

Zambia Accommodation

Watch this space – More Zambia Accommodation to follow soon!

Royal Chundu wildlife

Royal Chundu (Livingstone)

Royal Chundu has 2 lodges – River Lodge and Island Lodge. Situated on the Zambezi River with an abundance of activities around Victoria Falls

Sindabezi Island Camp

Sindabezi Island (Livingstone)

Sindabezi Island is a private island accommodation paradise; upstream from Victoria Falls and close to Livingstone, Zambia

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma (Livingstone)

Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma is a luxurious lodge with heavenly tree houses to stay in. On the Zambezi River, in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park

The Royal Livingstone Hotel

The Royal Livingstone Hotel (Livingstone)

The Royal Livingstone Hotel is a 5-star colonial gem on the banks of the Zambezi River and walking distance to Victoria Falls in Zambia

Luxury Tongabezi Lodge in Zambia

Tongabezi Lodge (Livingstone)

Tongabezi Lodge and Tangala House are 12kms upstream of Victoria Falls, romantic and luxury accommodation for honeymooners and families or for an extra special occasion

The River Club

The River Club (Livingstone)

The River Club is a boutique, owner-run luxury lodge on the Zambezi River; just outside Livingstone and the mighty Victoria Falls. Kosher kitchens are available too.

Stay at Old Mondoro in Lower Zambezi National Park

Old Mondoro (Lower Zambezi)

The intimate Old Mondoro provides guests with an authentic and unedited Zambian safari in the Lower Zambezi National Park

Chiawa Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park

Chiawa Camp (Lower Zambezi)

Chiawa Camp is family owned and best all round safari camp in Africa. In the Lower Zambezi National Park with great safaris and tiger fishing

South Luangwa walking safari

Nkwali Camp (South Luangwa)

If you’re looking for understated elegance, seclusion and superb service in South Luangwa, then you’ll find all that and more at Nkwali Camp

South Luangwa safari

Puku Ridge (South Luangwa)

Puku Ridge Camp is in the South Luangwa National Park – home of walking safaris and abundant wildlife especially leopards. Best rates/offers