Alphonse Island in Seychelles

Alphonse Island is one of the few among Seychelles’ outer islands to offer accommodation. The island provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, and diving in virgin waters.

This small triangular island is barely 1.2km wide and sheltered by a spectacular coral reef. 7 degrees south of the Equator and 400km (250 miles) southwest of Mahé, the Alphonse Atoll lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean. With no high mountains for many hundreds of miles around; rainfall at Alphonse is a fraction of Mahé’s; ensuring good weather patterns and conditions just about all year round. Alphonse Island is a one-hour flight from Mahe.

Initially developed around the coconut industry; it was also mined for guano (decomposed bird droppings). Now; it is a relaxed island sanctuary featuring a single resort; perfect for a secluded stay on the Outer islands in Seychelles. The island remains an important nesting ground for turtles and colonies of sea birds.

Giant Aldabra tortoise
Giant Aldabra tortoise

Activities on Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island is an incredible haven for water enthusiasts. Due to its remote location, the waters surrounding the island offer some of the best diving and fishing in Seychelles; with coral reefs teeming with marine life. Above water; fly-fishing truly is hard to beat and people travel to Alphonse Island from around the world; for this alone.

Kayak amongst turtles; exceptional big game fishing (especially Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish) in one of the world’s richest fishing grounds and end off balmy days with a leisurely sunset cruise. Alphonse is also known for its expansive flats, teeming with various marine and birdlife including species found deep in the seagrass meadows, under rocks, and squeezed into crevices in the reef platform.

Of course, there’s plenty more to enjoy on the island. This includes cycling tours and visiting the many secluded beaches and tropical forests. Boat trips to the surrounding islands are also very popular.