Governors’ Mugie House (Laikipia)

Governors’ Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie House is in the Mugie Conservancy, in Laikipia. This private wildlife conservancy of almost 50’000 acres hosts an array of impactful community and conservation programs. It is the latest addition to the Governors’ Camp Collection. And perfectly combines with their other properties in Kenya. Expanding an already diverse array of wildlife locations and activities.

A large main house with open log fires hosts guests for relaxing cocktails and scrumptious meals. All prepared from a creative menu with ingredients sourced from their own vegetable garden. An infinity pool offers lovely shaded areas and a casual alfresco dining area. While a waterhole set in front of Mugie House attracts a variety of wildlife that comes to drink. There is also a pool-side spa. Guests can also make the most of Mugie Conservancy’s nine-hole golf course. Perfect for enjoying a round between travel companions or alongside other golf-loving guests of the lodge.

Securing land for wildlife is a key conservation imperative in Africa today and Mugie Conservancy provides a key wildlife access route between the Laikipia plateau, the Mathews Range and the Samburu lands to the north and east. Vast acacia-dotted savannahs, olive forests and scrubby bush are a haven to a multitude of wildlife in plentiful numbers. These include key endemic northern Kenyan species such as Grevy’s Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest and Reticulated Giraffe.

Grevy Zebra in Laikipia
Grevy Zebra

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Governors’ Mugie House Accommodation

8 x individual stone cottages with wide windows are set out around a hill in the heart of the conservancy. Giving sweeping views over the Laikipia plains and to Mt Kenya. Each spacious en-suite cottage offers luxurious bathtubs and open log fires.

5 of the cottages are double/twin (120m2) all with infinite views across the Laikipia plains (except for the ‘garden cottage’). There is 1 x honeymoon suite (80m2) offering stunning interiors and a private plunge pool on the verandah.

The family cottage has an en suite double and twin room that are interconnected by a spacious lounge area with a wide verandah and private plunge pool.

Please note that the minimum age for children at Governors’ Mugie is eight years old. Special children’s meals and early mealtimes available. The Family Cottage sleeps up to four persons.


Day and Night Game Drives

Enjoy traditional shared game drives with a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced guide. Game drives can depart at any time. Though they are generally best in the early morning or late afternoon. This is when animals tend to be more active as the temperature is a little cooler. If you would like to extend your afternoon game drive into the early evening, please speak with your guide.

Mugie 5
Common beisa oryx

Look out for all members of ‘The Mugie Five’. There are five species living on the conservancy which guests won’t find at any of the other Governors’ properties. These are the Grevy Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Reticulate Giraffe, striped hyena and Common beisa oryx. Each is perfectly adapted for a life in more drought-prone regions and each needs special conservation efforts to ensure their long-term survival in the wild as all of their global populations are currently listed as ‘endangered’, or in the case of the striped hyena, ‘near threatened’.

Mugie Five
Striped Hyena
Kenya safari
Jacksons hartebeest

Explore the varying landscape of Mugie, from the dam to olive tree forests and acacia scrubland. Host to a wealth of diverse wildlife, including northern endemic species Grevy Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Reticulate Giraffe and Gerenuk.

Included in the accommodation price

Laikipia safari
Lions on game drive
Governors’ Mugie House
Male leopard

Tala the Reticulated Giraffe

Tala is most definitely one of Mugie’s ‘cast of characters’! At just a few days old, Tala was brought to Mugie Conservancy by a local herder after she began following his herd of goats. She was cared for by Margaret, who quickly became her surrogate mother. She wanders freely within the conservancy, but often returns to her chosen ‘home’ at the Head Quarters – where the staff are quite accustomed to being overseen by this towering presence!

Tala the Reticulated Giraffe
Tala the Reticulated Giraffe

Laikipia Birding

Mugie Conservancy in Laikipia is home to a completely different range of bird species than the southern regions of Kenya. The region is considerably more arid compared to the Masai Mara and is situated at a higher altitude (between 1500m to 1950m). Common bird species found here include sandgrouse, black-shouldered kites, namaqua doves, yellow-necked spurfowl, white-bellied go-away birds, white-browed coucals, brown babblers, rufous-crowned rollers, marico sunbirds, red-billed hornbills, gabar goshawks, D’Arnaud’s barbets, bearded Woodpeckers, crested francolins, northern white-crowned shrikes, black-headed orioles, paradise fly-catchers and greater blue-eared starlings to name just a few.

The Mugie Dam also pulls in a plethora of birds that are attracted to the freshwater or safe nesting sites on the small vegetated islands. A special sight is to sit with a sundowner in hand as you watch thousands of cattle egrets descend upon the islands each night to roost.

Laikipia birding
Yellow-necked spurfowl (francolin)
Kenya bird safari
Scarlet-chested sunbird
Governors’ Mugie House birding
Martial eagle

Canoeing on Mugie Dam

Mugie Dam is Kenya’s third largest private dam with 156 acres of surface area to explore. The dam welcomes a variety of game which comes to drink or graze along the shore. Especially elephants that are partial to a playful dip in its refreshing waters.

Governors’ Mugie House has two beautiful Canadian canoes which guests can enjoy during an early morning’s entertainment. Canoeing on the dam offers a thrilling opportunity to view wildlife from the water, out in the open air, armed with the spirit of adventure.

If a family of elephants happens to be bathing at the same time, rest assured that you have just witnessed one of life’s most enchanting adventures.

Governors’ Mugie House activities

Anti-poaching unit

The Mugie Rangers are based close by with a team of bloodhounds who are used for daily anti-poaching patrols. Visit their headquarters to learn about the work they do, and experience the power of their keen scenting skills with a tracking demonstration.

Ask the manager to book a visit for you to meet the dogs and their handlers. If they are available, they will be happy for you to participate in a mock search, to demonstrate the hounds incredible sense of smell, with you hidden away as the ‘poacher’! You’ll be impressed with just how quickly they find you!

Community and conservation programs
Anti-poaching dog

Lion tracking

Research on predators in the area has seen two lionesses collared in order to monitor the pride’s movements and better understand where interactions occur, that can lead to human-wildlife conflict.

Guests can join the tracking team to look for collared lions. Please note, the topography and simple equipment mean that tracking can be challenging. However, guests will learn about the use of this technology and how it assists the Conservancy in aiding pastoralists and wildlife to live alongside each other.

Lion tracking in Kenya
Lion tracking

Sun downers and bush picnics

Mugie’s undulating landscape offers some excellent lookout points for a perfect sun downer or bush picnic. As the sunsets, this is a lovely time of the day to take a minute out and watch the sunset over the Laikipia landscape with a cold drink in hand.

Governors’ Mugie House
Enjoy your favorite tipple while watching the sun go down

Guided bush walks

Get up close with nature on a foot safari and experience the untamed beauty of the Laikipia region. Being out of a car will allow you to get down to the same level as the wildlife and the smaller creatures that inhabit this incredible ecosystem. Learn all about them and their importance from your guide. See other wildlife like giraffes and zebras from ground level too.

Governors’ Mugie House
Kenya walking safari
Reticulated Giraffe


Enjoy a round of golf on this 9-hole private course, which is also Kenya’s most northern golf course! Caddys are available to help you whether you are a beginner or a pro. Golf clubs are provided if you would like to borrow them.

The golf course is also a perfect place for a walk or jog, or a spot of bird watching!

Ranching and farming on Mugie Conservancy

Cutting edge community grazing programs and community empowerment projects through micro-economic assistance have encouraged engagement and investment from the local community in the conservation goals of Mugie.

Mugie Conservancy is at the forefront of conservation. Operating as a low-impact cattle ranch and farm alongside preserving the delicate and productive ecosystems that host abundant wildlife. And provide key corridors for wildlife between the Laikipia plateau, the Mathews Range and the Samburu lands to the north and east. Guests are welcome to visit the ranching and farm operations. Get an understanding on how each functions alongside securing essential habitat for wildlife.

Mugie Trading Stock has brought about a new era of community livestock management, based on the premise of shared resources. This is a program unique to Mugie, it’s a program from which all parties benefit and furthers conservation, environmental and ecological conscientiousness.

Head down to visit the Mugie farm to collect freshly laid eggs. Or watch the dairy cows being milked at dawn. Learn about the Miraa plant and how it provides much needed income. Saturday is Mugie’s ‘Dip Day’. A fascinating experience for those that wish to see this cutting-edge program for themselves.

Spa treatments

Mugie House has a fully trained spa therapist who will ensure you are well pampered.

Visit the Pokot

Guests staying at Governors’ Mugie have the opportunity to visit the Pokot at a nearby village and learn about the traditions and customs of this colorful tribe who hail from the districts of West Pokot and Baringo.

Watch highly adorned women carry out vibrant song and dance. While an elderly lady prepares cloth out of a goat hide. Meanwhile, a village elder demonstrates the art of fire making by rubbing two pieces of wood together. And other men play a fast-paced game of ‘bao’ in the sand.

You are also welcome to take a peek inside one of their homes and understand the importance of gourds. And how they are made and used to store milk.

This is a truly fascinating experience.

Community and conservation programs
Visit a Pokot village

Best time to visit Governors’ Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie House is open year round. Hot weather during the day and cool nights and minimal humidity, with cooling rain in the summer months.

Dry season: June to September. Mostly sunny days, but it can rain at any time. Average temperatures are around 26°C / 78°F and can drop to 10°C / 50°F at night or in the early mornings.
Rainy season: The long rains lasts from March to early June, the short rainy season is from October to late November.

Getting to Governors’ Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie nearest airstirp is Mugie. Governors’ Aviation offers daily scheduled flights. Thererafter, transfer by game vehicle to the lodge (approx. 20min).

Other flights options:
Safarilink and Air Kenya: Daily flights to Loisaba Airstrip (90 minute transfer to Mugie House).
Charter flights are available with Governors’ Aviation from airports/airstrips in Kenya to Mugie Airstrip. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note there is a strict 15 kg luggage allowance per person, including hand luggage, on all regional flights with Governors’ Aviation and Safarilink.

Road transfer: Duration approx. 3 hours from Nanyuki or 6 hours from Nairobi (depending upon road conditions).

Governors’ Mugie House Accommodation Rates

2023 Indicative Rates in US DollarsPer person sharingSingleChildSuite Supplement
April & May 2023605393210
June 2023830540
July to October 202313001625845
1st November until 15th December 2023830540
16th – 31st December 202313001625845


Indicative Luxury Tent Rates in US DollarsPer person sharingSingleChild
1st January until 31st March$888$578
1st April until 31st May$647$421
1st – 30th June$888$578
1st July to 31st October$1430$1788$930
1st November until 15th December$888$578
16th – 31st December$1430$1788$930
2024 Indicative Suite Rates in US Dollars1 x Guest2 x Guests
1st January until 31st March$1,113$2,001
1st April until 31st May$872$1,519
1st – 30th June$1,113$2,001
1st July to 31st October$2,019$3,091
1st November until 15th December$1,113$2,001
16th – 31st December$2,019$3,091

Rate includes:
Airstrip transfers,
Accommodation with all meals,
All soft drinks, beers, house wines and ‘non-premium’ spirits,
Daily game drives, golf, canoeing, sun downers, fishing, walks,

Rate excludes:
Flights, champagnes, selected fine wines, premium spirits and liqueurs, conservancy fees and entry fees to some activities.

Governors’ Mugie House Accommodation Special Offers and Packages

All offers & packages are valid from 1st October to 15th December 2023, 1st January to 31st May 2024 and from 1st October to 15th December 2024.
Flights must be booked with Governors Aviation (minimum 2 legs).
Park fees and conservation fee payable for all nights.
Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Stay 3, Pay 2

Get a night free at Mugie House.

Governors Collection Packages

Packages – combine your stay in the Masai Mara with other Governors’ Camps in Kenya. All are 3 nights at the Masai Mara Camps (either Little Governors’ or Governors’ Camp) and combined with Mugie House and/or Governors’ Loldia House:

Stay 6 Nights And Pay For Five

3 nights at Mugie House or Governors’ Loldia House and 3 nights Masai Mara

Stay 8 Nights And Pay For Six

2 nights at Loldia House, 3 nights at Mugie House and 3 nights Masai Mara OR
4 nights at Loldia House and 4 nights Masai Mara.

Stay 10 Nights And Pay For Eight

3 nights at Loldia House, 3 nights at Mugie House and 4 nights in the Masai Mara OR
2 nights Governors’ Loldia House, 4 nights Mugie House and 4 nights in the Masai Mara.

The above offers T&C’s:
Applicable to adult and child rates.
Free nights are calculated on lowest priced property in the itinerary.
Must combine a minimum of two Governors’ Collection properties, with a minimum of two nights in each property.

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Governors’ Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie House (Laikipia)

Governors’ Mugie House is in the Mugie Conservancy, in Laikipia, which has impactful community, conservation programs and endangered species

Governors’ Mugie House (Laikipia)
Governors’ Mugie House
Laikipia Kenya

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