Jabulani (Kapama, Kruger)

Jabulani Safari

Jabulani is a 5-star Relais and Châteaux safari lodge in the Big 5 wilderness of the Greater Kruger National Park. It represents the epitome of style, luxury, gastronomic excellence, and warm hospitality. But at the heart of this lies a cause far greater than its tangible elements, wildlife rescue, and rehabilitation.

Jabulani was conceptualized to sustain and support 12 rescued elephants. It has set the benchmark for insightful and respectable elephant interaction in South Africa. Of utmost importance is their focus on treating the elephants with care, respect, and consideration. Today visitors have the exclusive opportunity to observe the herd in close proximity. Learning more about their behavior, their unique character traits, and their incredible story. And what it takes to take care of them. Much of this takes place while the elephants are in their natural environment. Foraging in the bush, walking through the reserve, or swimming at the waterhole.

You soon realize that you are part of something much greater while here… An unforgettable experience that will let you travel deeper and make a lasting impact.

The Lodge has an authentic African feel, with colonial-style decor. The intimate camp has an open-air spa, lounge, dining room, and shaded wooden deck overlooking a dry riverbed. With Relais & Châteaux accreditation, this camp is guaranteed to offer first-class accommodation, cuisine, facilities, and personalized service.

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Jabulani Accommodation

The style and ambiance of Jabulani resonate with that of a classic safari lodge. Refined with a fresh and stylish touch. A suspension bridge stretches gracefully over the river bed, connecting to the accommodation.

Jabulani Suites

The 6 x Jabulani suites are as discrete in positioning as they are lavish. With pure relaxation and intimacy in mind. From Nespresso machines to locally made luxury body products. All aimed to add to your enjoyment. The fully air-conditioned suites have King-size beds (twin bedding optional) with complimentary room service. A traditional fireplace graces your Jabulani Suite lounge. Creating a perfect setting for a romantic in-suite dining experience.

Your grand and luxurious freestanding stone bath can easily welcome both you and your loved one. Or enjoy a semi-outdoor shower, that whilst frosted for your privacy, enjoys a view over the natural environment outside. All while soaking up the sounds of the surrounding African wildlife and nature. Double vanity basins and a private toilet complete your en suite facilities.

Each of the suites opens up to a private oasis set in the African bush. Enjoy the privacy of your heated private plunge pool on the generous wooden deck overlooking the riverbed below.

Suites can sleep up to 2 x adults and a child over the age of 6.

Jabulani accommodation
Suite with private pool

New 2-Bedroom Suite

Unlike the current suites, this new addition will be a two-bedroom Suite that will accommodate four people. It’s an exciting development for this Relais & Châteaux lodge in the private Kapama wilderness. Additionally, it will include a private vehicle for intimate safaris. More details to follow but the expected opening is for September 2023.

Zindoga Villa

The Zindoga Villa brings absolute exclusivity to one of South Africa’s finest game lodges. A private entrance leads you to a secluded 700 m2 fully air-conditioned three-bedroom grand villa. It reflects the splendid elegance of the Jabulani offering. A dedicated team of staff consisting of a private chef, butler, and ranger will make your experience truly unforgettable. Whilst respecting your personal space at all times.

The spacious and luxurious lounge and dining room offer a wonderful space to relax. The living areas have an impressive fireplace and an adjoining deck for alfresco dining.

The master suite and main suite each have their own expansive wooden deck, private heated plunge pool, and traditional fireplace. The en-suite bathrooms have free-standing stone baths, as well as showers with views of the surrounding natural environment. Fully stocked mini-bars and Nespresso machines complete these luxury suites.

A charming twin-bedded suite adjoining the main suite is ideal for two children / teens. It is not as luxurious or as spacious as the 2 master suites. It can accommodate 2 x adults but it is essential to note the difference between this and the master / main suites.

The Villa can accommodate 6 x adults and 2 x children. The Villa Rate includes 4 x adults and 2 x children. A supplement applies for an additional 2 persons if required.

Luxury Kruger accommodation at Jabulani
Zindoga Villa Master Suite
Jabulani - Kruger Villa Accommodation
Day bed

Jabulani Experiences

Going on safari is all about experiences. You want moments, not things. From early morning and sunset safari drives. To meeting Jabulani’s elephant herds, helicopter flips, and hot air balloon rides. Your stay at Jabulani will take your breath away.

Jabulani rangers impart a great wealth of information about both larger wildlife, as well as the little critters. You will soon learn that these are just as important in the ecosystem as their bigger wildlife neighbors.

The elephants are at the heart of a Jabulani experience. And you will get to see them in a way you won’t be able to experience elsewhere.

Elephant experience
Elephant experience
Elephant Experiences

Immerse yourself in the remarkable journey of the Jabulani herd. Shared by the team of elephant carers who have walked side by side with the elephants for more than twenty years. Observe the herd, from a respectful and comfortable distance, as they spend their days foraging naturally in the wild. Enjoy the opportunity to understand elephants on a deeper level. As well as to appreciate the importance of the conservation and protection of the elephant species.

As a guest at Jabulani, you play a crucial role in helping the Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development to support the rescued herd and orphans and protect their future. HERD is South Africa’s first dedicated elephant orphanage. Your elephant levy helps to sustain these remarkable animals.

Signature sunsets

Enjoy elegant sundowners and canapés while waiting for the Jabulani herd to return to their homestead after a day out foraging in the wild. Their preferred route takes them past a particular dam that promises a spectacular scene with a breathtaking sunset. And, depending on the weather, magnificent reflections of their silhouettes on the water.

Look out for the different members of the herd, including the orphans. It is amazing to see how successfully they have integrated into this unique blended family…

As the herd continues, guests can choose to follow them for the short remainder of their walk. One of the elephant carers will share insight into the design of the stables. And the procedures the elephants follow in the evening and the mornings.

Kruger elephant experiences
The Elephant Herd at sunset

The Jabulani Elephant Workshop

Join world-renowned Elephant expert and veterinarian Dr. Johan Marais on a 3-day workshop. Explore their complex social structures, behavioral patterns, and genetics. Learn about their importance to wildlife areas and other mammal species. While gaining insight into the management of elephants in fenced reserves. Accompanied by experienced guides, observe these impressive mammals from the comfort of a game drive vehicle.

The Jabulani Elephant Workshop is based on guaranteed departure dates regardless of the number of guests booked.

Elephant Swim

Jabulani guests enjoy a unique and special opportunity to share in the herd’s favorite pastime. Their midday swim, accompanied by a Ranger and Elephant Carer. The elephants spend most of their days browsing and foraging through the reserve, much the same as wild elephants. When the sun is at its hottest, they naturally gather at one of the nearby waterholes. Rangers are notified of their location and guests can watch while the herd playfully frolics in the water.

This is one of the best opportunities in South Africa to photograph elephants swimming and soak up the special moments. Here you can truly appreciate each elephant’s individual personality. You’ll see that the bulls tend to spend more time in the water. The younger elephants are often not as confident. So they tend to keep to the shallower edges of the dams. Preferring to spend their time jostling playfully together.

Elephants swimming

Meet the Jabulani Bulls

Guests have an opportunity to meet a few of the elephant “ambassadors” selected to represent the Jabulani herd. The ambassadors are sociable and genuinely enjoy being around guests.

This initial interaction provides insight into the elephants’ unique relationship with their carers. Obtain interesting information on the biology and history of these elephants over the past twenty years.

While meeting the ambassadors, their curious trunks are always ready and waiting for you to feed them their favorite treats. Carers are on hand to take photos of your special moments with them too.

Tracking the Elephants

Why not take to foot and follow in the footsteps of the Jabulani herd? They roam at their own leisurely pace. It’s exciting to observe the elephants in their natural habitat as they browse and forage.

Under the guidance of the Jabulani team, you’ll learn how to track the herd. Once you’ve located them, spend the afternoon observing these fascinating animals. Learning more about their individual stories, personalities, and how to identify them.

This experience is only available when there is not a new orphan or young elephant in the herd. As elephants are highly protective and cautious when there is a calf to care for and keep safe. The safety and well-being of the elephants and guests are of the utmost importance.

Tracking Elephants

Elephant Research

Did you know that an elephant’s stress levels can be accurately monitored by analyzing the concentration of certain stress-related hormones that are excreted in its dung?

Research at Jabulani is on an ongoing basis. This is to determine the physiological and behavioral impact on the stress levels of the elephants due to being in contact with humans and being semi-habituated. This is done by comparing the concentration of these stress hormones in the dung of the Jabulani herd to the levels in the dung of free-ranging, wild elephants assumed not to be exposed to stress factors other than those that they normally experienced during the course of their day-to-day existence. Initial findings indicate that the members of the Jabulani elephant herd had similar levels (both within the normal range of non-stressed animals) of these stress hormones indicating that they were not stressed by their interaction with people.

You, as a guest at Jabulani, can participate in this ongoing research. Join your ranger on a safari vehicle or on foot to search for elephant dung to collect for research purposes. This provides answers to the many questions and challenges faced in the endeavor to manage semi-habituated elephants. In a stress-free way and to ease those that may have concerns about their well-being. This research is conducted with the HERD Trust and enables Jabulani to address and manage any issues based on scientific evidence.

Jabulani Activities

Safari Game Drives

Jabulani is home to an abundant population of the Big Five and ensures excellent sightings. While seeing all the Big Five within a short visit can never be guaranteed, it is certainly not uncommon. Even the elusive leopard, which is often described as the least social of the African big cats, is frequently spotted. It is a humbling and soulful experience.

Experienced and knowledgeable rangers at Jabulani, will take you on your game drives in open, custom safari vehicles. Game drives are offered twice daily in the private game reserve of 16 000 hectares.  They occur when the wildlife is most active; early morning and late afternoon into dusk.

Kruger National Park safari
Game Drive
Kruger safari
Male lion

Walking Safaris

A walking safari takes you that one step closer to the essence of the African bush. The exhilaration of being so close to nature will remain with you long after you have left Jabulani. Follow the tread of your armed ranger, who will guide you safely through a memorable adventure.


With a bird count of over 350 species, Jabulani is a birders’ delight. Birds add yet another magical dimension to your Jabulani safari. Taking the time to learn about them provides an even more rewarding wildlife experience.
Colorful birds are often easier to identify and guests tend to have a great appreciation for seeing them on safari. But the thrill of spotting birds of prey in action never fails to impress. From the iconic African fish eagle. Or one of the many owl species that inhabit the Jabulani bushveld.

Kruger birding safari
Lilac breasted roller

Other Activities near Jabulani

Hot Air Ballooning

If you would like to feel the wind in your hair, embark on a hot air balloon sunrise ride! You’ll glide through the air as you overlook the Blyde River, and surrounding nature reserves. Watch the sunrise as you gently drift over the scenic terrain below.

It is common to see giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, nyala, impala, bushbuck, waterbuck, duiker, and even warthog, from the air. The big five are more difficult to find, but there is always the possibility that they too will be spotted. The flight is approximately one hour long. After which you enjoy sparkling wine and fruit juice.

Please note: Hot Air Balloon safaris are entirely dependent on weather conditions.

Helicopter Flip

The most exhilarating way to see the bush from a bird’s eye view is from a helicopter! Jump on board and take to the skies in a helicopter for your 1 and a quarter hour journey of the Blyde River Canyon. Where you will stop for a picnic on the cliffs – a magical scene.

The flight can take up to four passengers and showcases the majestic landscapes of parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. We recommend pre-booking.

Community and conservation initiatives

Hlokomela Tour

Go on ​​a heartwarming visit to Hlokomela and the Hoedspruit community for a real and touching experience of what life is like in the rural parts of South Africa. This can include a visit to the Hlokomela clinic, local schools, a thriving vegetable garden, and a charity shop.

An empowering opportunity to give back

Your safari has the potential to not only change your life but also empower the communities all around. As a lodge, Jabulani doesn’t work in isolation from the communities nearby. Conservation goes so much further when the people who share the land with you are involved or benefit from it in a way that empowers them.

Through Pack for a Purpose, guests are asked to consider bringing items to donate to the local community, including children.

Hlokomela Clinic is an award-winning HIV and AIDS educational and treatment program center. It was started to support the local farming community. They offer free HIV testing and anti-retroviral treatment, primary health care, cervical and breast cancer screening, and early cervical cancer treatment. They have expanded to assist surrounding communities too. Also helping seasonal workers and migrants from other countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere in Southern Africa. Guests are also welcome to leave clothes behind that can be donated to the clinic.

Sustainable, cloth sanitary pads are made for women in the community through the Hlokomela Clinic.

Hlokomela is invested in creating new ways of promoting self-sustainability in the local communities through Income Generation Projects. The Hlokomela Herb Garden grows and sells fresh herbs and herb products commercially. There is also a large and impressive Community Garden that grows fruits and vegetables to sell too.

Sustainable Tourism

Everything at Jabulani is centered around leaving a light ecological footprint and making a difference. This includes the eco-friendly lodge design, Bana grass plantation project, elephant dung eco-projects, water conservation, recycling, and wildlife conservation.


Looking after our planet has many sides to it; including managing our human consumption and production. That’s why Jabulani believes in using fresh seasonal ingredients in the kitchen as much as possible to limit dependence on external fresh produce suppliers. This is done by growing their own produce onsite with an innovative aquaponics system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics. The innovative aquaponics system allows them to grow fresh produce most commonly used in the Jabulani kitchen.

Rhino Conservation

Jabulani Owner and MD, Adine Roode was instrumental in the rewilding of several rhinos whose lives were affected by poaching. Either as victims themselves or being orphaned as a result of it. Adine’s work at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) saw to treating, rehabilitating, and releasing injured and orphaned rhinos due to poaching incidents. The team was able to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate several rhinos.

It’s important to show the work of rhino conservation at play and count all the successes since rhinos are plagued by so many challenges today. It’s vital to show their beauty and resilience and why the species needs to be protected and loved.

Wining and Dining at Jabulani

Jabulani offers a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive dining experience. Constantly innovating with the freshest ingredients and different dining locations. Enjoy fine cuisine in the best setting. From breakfast bush picnics and sundowner canapés, to star-lit private dinners. Or gatherings in the boma.

True to the reputation of being a Relais & Châteaux accredited property, gastronomy is approached with brilliant creativity and soulfulness. This paired with a personalized butler service creates a magical Jabulani Culinary Journey.

Jabulani is an all-inclusive experience. All meals and snacks are included during your stay, as well as a wide selection of beverages.

Great food in Kruger
Family Safari

The Perfect Family Safari

An African safari shared with the family will be etched into your heart for a lifetime. The Zindoga Villa welcomes children of all ages and is an ideal size for multi-generational families. Parents are able to spend quality time with one another.  As the team will ensure that the little ones are entertained and happy at all times. The Jabulani chefs provide custom-made menus for youngsters. They are always ready to whip up a dish that they may be missing from home. The JabuJuniors program introduces children to a wildlife wonderland where they will experience a host of exciting adventure activities. While learning about Africa’s diverse wildlife. The program caters to safari-goers six years and older and is available at any time. There are no time restrictions.

Kruger family safari
Family safari

JabuJuniors Conservationists

Your children have the opportunity to become JabuJuniors Conservationists in the making. Or be accredited in our JabuJuniors Ranger Academy. Taking home personalized certificates to fondly remember their Jabulani and South African wildlife experience for many years to come.

Kids’ creative activities at Jubu Juniors

Elephant biscuit decorating
Design your own elephant pizza
Make your African animal T-shirt
Spoor casting (painting etc.)
Various arts and crafts activity

Some of the JabuJuniors Conservationists’ activities are:

Aquaponics tour: Learn about the world of aquaculture and responsible tourism.
World of Worms: Get wiggly with us!
World of Elephants: Learn all about the remarkable Anatomy of Elephants with the elephant carers.
Elephant Dung Research: Assist the elephant care team carry out vital research in monitoring the stress levels of the Jabulani herd compared to wild herds of Kapama.
Elephant Dung Throwing Challenge
Learn how to make Compost
Make your own Elephant Dung Paper

The JabuJuniors Ranger Academy activities include:

Orienteering (learn to find your way home in the wild)
Survival Tips for the Bush
Animal Tracks Identification: Learn how to identify the trails of wild animals.
LandRover Orientation
Learn about the Big Five and Ugly Five on Safari.
Seeds and Pods: Learn how even the tallest tree comes from a small beginning.
Discover African Skies: Stargazing
Bird Watching & Identification
Flower power: Learn about different plants and their medicinal uses.
Bug Search: For the adventurous JabuJuniors!
Learn basic Shangaan (local language)
Mammal Behaviour Lessons

Special Occasions at Jabulani

Jabulani Weddings

The unique setting at Jabulani promises the most unforgettable bush wedding in South Africa. Surrounded by the orchestra of the African bush, in the company of a special herd of elephants. Jabulani’s renowned personalized service, attention to detail, and exclusivity ensure that we will make your special day unfold effortlessly. Please contact us should you wish to inquire about an African wedding at Jabulani.

Kruger wedding

Wedding Proposals

Jabulani has idyllic settings for asking for your loved one’s hand in marriage. Every romantic detail is meticulously planned for an unforgettable and magical wedding proposal. All you have to do is pop the question! We will take care of the rest.

Honeymoon Safari

Nothing quite compares to a South African honeymoon safari. Jabulani’s emphasis on privacy, exclusivity, luxury, and elegance, makes them the ultimate honeymoon destination. Enjoy the intimacy of your Jabulani suite’s private deck and plunge pool. And personalized romantic settings for every moment of your stay. Honeymooners will receive a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolates, and a romantic dinner for two. Followed by a romantic turndown.

Jabulani Babymoon

Spend some special time with your loved ones in nature before your new delivery arrives. Expecting mothers can choose to take part in safari activities tailored to their needs. Or relax in the wilderness, at the bush spa. And experience the gentle embrace of sunsets with elephants. Learning from the best mothers in the animal kingdom. If traveling with other little ones, your children can take part in the fun too with the JabuJuniors program.

How to get to Jabulani

Jabulani is in a private reserve, Kapama Private Game Reserve, in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa. It is approximately 5 hours, and 47 minutes drive from Johannesburg or 2 hours from Nelspruit.

The nearest commercial airport is Hoedspruit Airport, which is just a 30-minute game drive experience from the lodge. Hoedspruit Airport (HDS) is easily accessible from both Cape Town and Johannesburg with daily flights available.

There is a private landing strip on the Kapama Reserve for private charter flight access.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: -24.416831 / S 24° 25′ 0.593”
Longitude: 31.094962 / E 31° 5′ 41.862”

Jabulani Accommodation Rates

Jabulani Suites Rates1st March 2023 – 29th February 2024
Per Person SharingR19,500
Per Single RoomR29,000
Child Sharing* (maximum 1 child aged 6 – 11 years sharing with 2 adults)R12,500
Two-Bedroom Suite – unit rate based on 4 personsR70,000
Zindoga Villa – unit rate based on 4 adults and 2 childrenR115,000
Additional 7th or 8th person (per person per night)R9,800

*Child rates apply to children aged 6 – 11 years in Superior Suites and include a private game vehicle.

Rates Include/Exclude

The Jabulani Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite, and Villa rates include:

Luxury Suite Accommodation in air-conditioned suites with a private deck and plunge pool. Or, Exclusive Villa experience featuring 3 x air-conditioned suites, all ensuite. 2 of which boast private decks and plunge pools.
Jabulani Elephant Experience* and Signature Sundowners.
Daily game drives and bush walks guided by your dedicated ranger.
All meals and snacks.
A selection of local and premium beverages during your entire stay.
The JabuJuniors Children’s Programme.
Return road transfers between Jabulani and Hoedspruit Eastgate (HDS) Airport.
Wi-Fi and daily laundry service.
A personalized certificate upon departure to acknowledge your support towards our elephant conservation project at HERD.

Zindoga Villa rates also include:
Private Butler, Chef, and Ranger dedicated to your Villa experience.
Private Game Vehicle.

*The Jabulani Elephant Experience is both inspirational and educational. Learn more about elephant behavior and its impressive anatomy. Guests can observe the elephants in their natural environment, foraging in the bush, and walking through the reserve. Or swimming at the waterhole. Meet the dominant elephant bulls, with an opportunity to learn more about their roles within the herd.

Elephant Levy of R 1,200 per person per day. This is a contribution to the care of the Jabulani Elephant Herd and the operational costs of HERD. HERD is the Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development.
Conservation Levy of R 250 per person per day.
Transfers from Hoedspruit Civil Airport.
Selected beverages or drinks from the premium wine list.
Spa treatments.
Additional activities such as hot air ballooning etc.
Jabulani Boutique purchases.
Any additional charges of a personal nature.
Gratuities (discretionary).
Kosher meals are available on request and at an additional charge.

Jabulani Accommodation Special Offers

Fifty On Three

Guests staying for 3 nights qualify for a 50% discount on their last night.

Pay 3 Stay 4

Pay for three nights at Jabulani and get the fourth night free.

The above two offers are valid from 10th January to 15th December each year

Fifty On Two

Get 50% off on the second night.

Pay 2 Stay 3

Pay for two nights and get the third night free.

Both are valid from 10th January to 31st May 2023 and 1st October 2023 – 29th February 2024. Excluding 7th – 9th April 2023, and 16th December 2023 to 9th January 2024.

Jabulani Honeymoon Special

Honeymoon or Anniversary Treats to make it a more special occasion
A Romantic Turn-down with a bottle of sparkling wine
Private Dining experiences throughout your stay
A Jabulani special memento / individual gift
A 50% discount for one spouse for future anniversary stays at Jabulani for newlyweds only. (Valid for 5 years from your honeymoon stay)
One complimentary 30-minute massage per person per stay

Can combine with the above specials (minimum stay of 3 nights)
The Jabulani Honeymoon Package is valid year-round excluding 16th December – 9th January
For honeymooners staying within 12 months of their wedding date. Or anniversary celebrations over the date/month of their anniversary
Proof of Marriage certificate is required.

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Jabulani (Kapama, Kruger)
Kapama Reserve South Africa

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