Red colobus monkey in Kibale Forest

Kibale National Park is one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest. In the western part of Uganda. It is about 26km southeast of Fort Port. Just over 320km’s from Kampala or an hour’s drive from Kasese. The park itself is easily accessible with good internal infrastructure. Many of the facilities are community-based. Thus providing the local population with the necessary revenue to ensure its long-term protection.

Kibale is home to the greatest variety and concentration of primates found anywhere in East Africa. 13 remarkable primate species, flourish within the park. Including the uncommon L’Hoests monkey and the endangered red colobus monkey. Kibale has Uganda’s biggest population of this threatened primate with 1450 red colobus monkeys. The black & white colobus, red-tailed and blue monkey, olive baboon, grey-cheeked mangabey, bush baby, and potto are among the other primates.

A network of shady forest trails provides much to delight botanists and butterfly lovers. While birders are in for a treat with 375 species recorded. Including the endemic Prirogrine’s ground thrush.

The elusive forest elephant is smaller and hairier than its Savannah counterpart. It moves seasonally into the developed part of the park. While other terrestrial mammals include buffalo, giant forest hog and a half dozen antelope species. This makes Kibale National Park a superb safari destination.

When to visit Kibale National Park

The park has a tropical type of climate with two rainy periods. March to May and sometime between September and November. The annual mean temperature range rises from minimums of 14° – 15°C to maximums of 26° – 27°C. The annual rainfall is 1 100 – 1 600 mm. There is a pronounced dry season from December to February. Rain falls more in the North than in the South.

The best time to visit is December to late February and from June until September. But rain is possible due to unpredictable seasonal changes.

Getting to Kibale National Park

It is approximately a 5-6 hour drive from Entebbe International Airport (approximately 350 km). If you are coming from Bwindi, you will drive for 6-7 hours. Firstly, through Ishasha Section of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Then to Kasese, Fort Portal and then to Kibale National Park. There is an alternative route used especially if you are coming from Lake Mburo. Instead of driving back to Kampala or to Kases, you can use Ibanda road. This will take you to Kamwengye then to Kibale National Park.

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