Aberdare mud bath for buffalo

Aberdare National Park offers the more experienced safari-goer an excellent alternative to the busier parks of Kenya.

Boasting a wide range of landscapes; from mountain peaks; that rise about 14,000 feet; to the deep, v-shaped valleys with streams, rivers, and waterfalls. At lower altitudes, one finds misty moorlands, bamboo forests, and rainforests.

The Aberdare National Park is located about 150 km north of Nairobi and is part of the Aberdare Mountain Range covering an area of approximately 766 square kilometers.

Night game-viewing is provided by the lodges in the salient area of the Park; with excellent sightings of elephant, buffalo, lion, and rhino; drawn to the waterholes and saltlicks each evening.

This is a great add-on to the busier parks in Kenya so for example; Amboseli or Masai Mara.

Aberdare National Park elephants
Aberdare National Park elephants


The wildlife commonly found in this game reserve includes lion, leopard, baboon, black and white Colobus monkey, and sykes monkey. If you are lucky, you could also find the golden cat and the bongo; which is the elusive forest antelope that lives in the bamboo forest. Spotted and melanistic serval cats can be found higher up; in the moorlands. The Aberdare National Park also contains a large population of black rhino. Visitors can also indulge in walking, picnics, trout fishing in the rivers, and camping in the moorlands.


Birdlife is abundant and varied. There are over 250 species of birds in the park. Four species of sunbird may be seen – the Tacazze sunbird, a brilliant metallic violet and bronze with a black belly; Golden-winged Sunbird, a coppery-bronze with golden yellow-edged wings and tail; the emerald green Malachite Sunbird, and the tiny double collared Sunbird; with metallic green upperparts and throat and scarlet chest band. Game birds include Jackson’s, Scaly & Montane Francolins. Birds of prey are especially interesting; Crowned and Ayres’ Hawk Eagles, Mountain Buzzard, Rufous-breasted Sparrow Hawk, and African Goshawk.

When to visit Aberdare National Park

Aberdare is best to visit in the drier months of January and February and between June until September (however; it is cooler at this time of year). Rain can be expected between March and May.