Mighty Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the highlight of any trip to Zimbabwe and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Millions of gallons of water plunge over a 1.7km-wide cliff into the narrow gorge below. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in Africa – 355 feet high and one mile wide. There are dozens of viewpoints; that emerge from paths through the tropical rainforest which grows in the area of the spray.

Victoria Falls town is a very safe destination and has experienced no security incidents of any consequence; for a long time. Perhaps this popular tourist destination’s best asset is its friendly people; always ready to welcome visitors to their country with a smile and great service.

There is a wide range of accommodation to suit every budget. There are several bars, nightclubs, a golf course, and a casino.


Victoria Falls is an adventure junkie’s paradise and known as the adventure capital of the world.  The last count we did; there were more than 50 different activities available. Some of these include white water rafting on the mighty Zambezi, a 111m (354ft) bungee jump from the bridge linking Zimbabwe to Zambia, Bridge Swings & Slides, Jet boats, etc. For the less adventurous there is also lots of offer including Game drives, Sunset cruises, Canoeing, scenic flights, etc. Also on offer and great fun at Victoria Falls are Elephant-back safaris.

The best time to view Victoria Falls is usually between February until July, but be prepared to get wet! The skies may be blue above, but the massive spray from the Falls spirals high into the air and a downpour comes crashing down. The most exquisite and extensive view of the Falls is on the Zimbabwean side. Some say the best way to view the Falls is from the air, either by helicopter, or micro-light.

What to expect at Victoria Falls by month

Low Water – around October, November, and December
It is just as interesting to come when the water is low. Visitors are able to fully appreciate the geological formation of the Falls and their full length and breadth. This can start earlier and end later depending on the rainfall upstream.

Victoria Falls - still running in dry season
Victoria Falls – still running on the Zimbabwe side in the dry season

This image shows the two sides of the Falls with Zambia being to the right of the image and Zimbabwe to the left; you can clearly see how little water is visible from Zambia.

Mid Water – April and May
The falls are at their most spectacular on foot but often the spray is so thick it is difficult to see the full width of the falls, especially in April.
From May onwards as the annual flood abates, the view of Victoria falls gets better and better, and photographic opportunities from the Rain Forest path in Zimbabwe improve and most of the falls can be seen from this side.
The sound is still thunderous and the weather is still fantastic.
* Viewing Victoria falls from below by foot or by Jetboat is possible from July

High Water – February to April
In full flood (depending on rainfall), the Falls cannot be seen well on foot on the Zimbabwe side; as clouds of spray rise high into the sky. The spray is very high; but it is still worth doing to experience the incredible might of these Falls. The intense spray provides welcome relief from the heat, but don’t carry anything you don’t want to get wet!
The aerial view at this time; however, is spectacular.
The Zambian side of the falls with less water; is slightly better at this stage and there are walkways to lookout points and across the swaying Knife Edge bridge.