Elephant Camp (Victoria Falls)

The Elephant Camp in Victoria Falls

The Elephant Camp in the Victoria Falls National Park; is on a ridge between the Masuwe River and the Zambezi gorges; giving guests an uninterrupted view of the breathtaking spray that swells above the Victoria Falls Rain Forest. Set against a backdrop of indigenous teak woodland; the imaginative use of eco-friendly canvas tents allows this unique camp to live in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The camp is twenty minutes out of Victoria Falls. This means that guests can appreciate the serenity and tranquility of the African bush; yet remain in close range to the variety of attractions and activities that the town has to offer. The private concession is also home to The Vic Falls Wildlife Trust.

The Elephant Camp has been rated ‘one of the best tented lodges’ in Zimbabwe offering an all-inclusive rate that covers a wide range of activities, all meals, and drinks, WiFi, and transfers.

There are two camps; Elephant Camp Main which consists of 12 luxury suites; and The Elephant Camp West consisting of only four suites. Due to the small size of The Elephant Camp West; it is ideal for exclusive use by smaller groups and families seeking a more intimate safari experience. The suites all have a private viewing deck, private plunge pool, and outdoor shower.

At The Elephant Camp – Main; there is a beautiful sunken fire pit and swimming pool; overlooking a waterhole. All suites at both camps are gorge facing. During sunrise and sunset, the cloud of mist that hangs over the rainforest; is illuminated by an array of deep colors that merge between red and orange. The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls, promises an intimate safari experience within the wilderness.


The Elephant Camp’s cuisine is modern and seasonal; inspired by the best wild game meat, organic vegetables, and foraged flavors from across the world. Chargrilling and smoking techniques are used on the menu to give distinctive and unusual local delicacies a traditional flavor. Bursts of sweet, salty, acidic, and adventurous tones punctuate the plates.

The outdoor pizza oven allows guests and chefs to have a more direct relationship. Families and friends can relax on the environmentally friendly deck that overlooks the forest while the hand-made pizzas bake; admiring the panoramic vista of the Victoria Falls and the gaping crater of the Batoka Gorge.

The Elephant Camp Accommodation

All of The Elephant Camp’s suites display their own unique elegance, with a picturesque view spilling before them. Each tent adorns a spacious deck, a private plunge pool, and an outside shower; all of which are ideal locations for relaxation and appreciation of the surrounding landscape. Even the bath offers an unparalleled view of the horizon. The rooms have been deliberately sculpted to celebrate the openness of the African bush; with an easy flow from the bathroom to bedroom to private lounging area; that spreads onto the spacious deck through glass French doors.

The stylish furnishing and decor capture the beauty of the natural environment; retaining the authenticity of the African wilderness. The suites all have air conditioners and ceiling fans; which are a welcome comfort after a day spent under the blazing African sun. There is a tea and coffee station as well as a well-stocked minibar; both of which are replenished daily.

During the rainy season when the Zambezi is at peak capacity; guests are lulled to sleep by the “Smoke That Thunders”; as the river gushes over the side of the cavernous gorge. This therapeutic and natural ambiance is accentuated by the calls of a diverse population of birdlife; that nest around the camp. While remaining mindful of the environment, The Elephant Camp strives to provide impeccable luxury accommodation and service; in unquestionably, one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

For couples or two friends traveling together, The Elephant Camp Main Camp has 10 x twin double Tented Suites for a maximum of 2 guests per suite.

Luxury Victoria Falls Accommodation at Elephant Camp
The Elephant Camp Accommodation

Victoria Falls Family Vacations

Family Vacations and Child Policy

The Elephant Camp Main Camp also has 2 x Family Tented Suites with 2 fold-out sleeper beds; accommodating a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children per suite; and also a Pilot Guide Room for a maximum of 2 pilots / guides.

The Elephant Camp West Camp has 4 x Family Tented Suites with 2 fold-out sleeper beds; accommodating a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children per suite.

Children over the age of 7 are most welcome at The Elephant Camp. When booking an exclusive-use lodge; children of all ages are allowed.
Two children aged 7 to 16 years (inclusive) can share a family suite with two adults. The children sharing with adults will be charged 50% of the adults sharing rate.
The minimum age for meeting the elephants is 5 years and it is 16 years for Walking Safaris.

Included Activities

At The Elephant Camp; not only are meals and drinks included but there are a variety of exciting activities for guests to enjoy; at no additional cost. These include:

Guided Tour of the Falls (Zimbabwe)

Africa has an air of romance that sets her apart from anywhere else in the world. However, it is upon entering the Victoria Falls rainforest that guests are truly swept off their feet. There is no finer ambiance than the gentle roar of the waterfall. The trees grow so close together that their branches entwine and their soft, wet leaves drip across the stone path that weaves through this natural wonder. Submerge yourself in the fragrance of the flora and the playful fauna in this enchanting and awe-inspiring space.

Victoria Falls reaches its peak in about May each year. It’s a truly awe-inspiring experience; the sight, the sound, the smell; the humbling feeling that here indeed is nature’s masterpiece. No photograph can begin to depict the magnificent scene and nothing prepares you for your first sight. This tour is conducted in the morning and afternoon and excludes Rain Forest entry fees.

Visit the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFTW) is based adjacent to The Elephant Camp. This non-profit organization is on a mission to advance environmental conservation through hands-on wildlife research; by sweeping for snares, vaccinating stray dogs, rescuing injured animals, and researching effective conservation methods. The Trust comprises a veterinary laboratory and rehabilitation facility; that aids the treatment and recovery of injured wildlife. Victoria Falls is rich in natural resources. However, the supply versus demand of these resources has put them under strain in recent years. The Trust is committed to educating local people in the sustainable use of our precious environment. VFTW’s holistic approach to conservation; has nurtured increasing environmental awareness and effort on the part of the entire Victoria Falls community.

Meet the elephants

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage offer eco-conscious travelers an authentic and positive elephant encounter. The Sanctuary and Orphanage have been a safe haven for many orphaned and injured elephants since its inception in 1992. These gentle giants gracefully roam the concession; grazing from the trees, drinking from the streams, and leaving small clouds of red dust in their wake. Observation, education, and appreciation foster a greater level of respect for wildlife and therefore; can be the most valuable tool in conservation efforts. While hand-rearing these orphans, we have come to understand that the best way to appreciate these magnificent creatures; is to watch them living wild and free. “Meet the Elephant” will give guests the opportunity to unobtrusively interact with some of the biggest personalities in Africa; in a pristine environment overflowing with raw natural beauty.

Meet the Elephants
Meet the Elephants

Cocktails & Canapés at the Batoka Gorge

In between the sides of the cavernous Batoka Gorge, rages the Zambezi river. Indulge in a selection of cocktails
and canapés while nestled on the edge of a steep rock face; blanketed by an endlessly wide sky and hugged by trees and shrubs. When the setting sun kisses your skin and the birdsong floats down from the tree branches; you will realize that this is one of the most perfect positions on the planet.

The Batoka Gorge is more than a deep fissure in the Earth. It symbolizes decades of Mother Nature’s hard work
and is evidence of the earth’s immense age. It is a humbling sight that will engulf you and fill you with a sense of appreciation and contentment. This incredible spectacle is just a short drive away from the camp; is the ideal location for relaxation and reflection. With a sight so lovely; it is impossible not to leave with exquisite photographs of the wonderful memories you have made. A selection of wine, refreshing beverages, and delectable canapés await guests in this secluded and serene spot.

Sundowners on the edge of Batoka Gorge
Sundowners on the edge of Batoka Gorge

Game Drives on the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary (AM & PM)

The Elephant Camp is the only lodge nestled within the expansive Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary and with no
other people in sight; your company along the rustic routes are antelope, big game, and birdlife. Watch as herds of buffalo migrate towards the watering hole amid a chorus of grunts and the scuffing of hooves; revel in the sight of elephants; carelessly flinging trunkfuls of water over their dusty bodies, and listen to the cacophony of bird calls; the only sound to disrupt the tranquil atmosphere.

When you reach the rim of the Batoka Gorge; the trees suddenly seem to spill off the edge and into its gaping lips. The Zambezi River rages below, and birds soar gracefully through the trees; while you sit, awe-inspired by the surreal natural space. With over 2000 hectares of wild and dramatic landscape to explore; the game drives provide a unique and intimate insight into the raw beauty of Africa.

Birding and Nature Walks on the concession

The Elephant Camp concession is intriguing, captivating, and drenched in natural beauty. Over 420 bird species
flock to this bush paradise; nesting in the trees, drawing stencils across the sky, and flitting around the streams
beckoning keen ‘twitchers’. The experienced eye of your accompanying guide will show you the clever weavers’ west side nests, the tawny brown eagles; perched between Baobab branches, and the scarlet feathers of the lilac breasted rollers; that dance among the leaves. Zebra, impala, sable, wildebeest, kudu, and warthogs have also made the concession their home; curiously study you as a guest exploring their world.

Village Tour

By visiting a local rural village and interacting with the people who live there, you not only forge new friendships; you will also discover a different lifestyle, a new way of doing things, and furthermore; a broader perspective of life without modern luxuries. Africa is rich in culture and by immersing yourself in another culture, you foster an understanding of it. This is a wonderful experience for all but especially beneficial for children. You will fill your suitcase with souvenirs and your camera with photographs; but for an authentic and rewarding African adventure, you should fill your mind with knowledge.

Lunch at the Lookout Cafe

Embark on a trip to the one-of-a-kind Lookout Café, perched 120 meters above the turbulent rapids of the
Zambezi River. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge; which hangs over the spectacular chasm of the Batoka Gorge; is this all-inclusive activity. During the rainy season, wisps of the spray from the
rainforest curl around the edge of the rock face near the bridge. From the vantage point of the café, guests
can watch the bright rafts plummet through the rapids below or the adrenalin lovers soaring through the air on
one of the exciting high wire activities. Also included in the activity are creative cocktails and other beverages.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

The black basalt of the Batoka Gorge stretches 100 meters skywards and is clad in thick vegetation; creating an idyllic space for zip lines to whizz through and unveil a stunning perspective of this breathtaking natural setting. Embark on a two-hour eco-adventure lead by two professional guides down nine unique slides. The adventure unfolds from the Lookout Café; perched above the cove that forms at the first bend of the river below the waterfall.

This is where your senses awaken to the excitement of what is to come; as the overwhelming view of this cavernous gorge rises to greet you. The turbulent rapids rage below with their steady roar climbing up the canyon, creating an atmosphere of adventure. The awe-inspiring fauna and flora that sprouts across the Gorge entice Trumpeter Hornbill, Schalow’s Turaco, Peregrine Falcons; and if you are extremely lucky the rare Taita Falcon. The gentle nature and calm speed of the slides; entice those who want to experience an adrenaline rush minus the “scare factor”. This is the activity that is enjoyed by nature lovers, families, thrill-seekers; plus is excellent for corporate team building groups. The canopy tour is even be appreciated by those who get sweaty palms or; a tingle in their toes just thinking about heights.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tour
Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

There are so many other activities that you can enjoy in Victoria Falls; besides the many included ones above.


Guests are encouraged to feel very much like they can come and go at their leisure at The Elephant Camp. However, mealtimes are usually as follows; breakfast from 7.30 am onwards, lunch from 12 pm onwards, and dinner from 7 pm onwards.

“Meeting the Elephant” is at 12.30 pm daily. The experience usually starts with an informative movie clip and educational talk and then proceeds out into the bush. Sunset cruises are from 4 pm. Please note in winter; from May until August; activities may be half an hour later in the mornings and half an hour earlier in the afternoons. Two complimentary return shuttle transfers are offered per day to the town center / the Falls.

Wake up calls can be arranged the evening before; as well as packed breakfasts for early birds; either checking out early or going out on activities.

The Elephant Camp Accommodation Rates

The Elephant Camp – Main Camp RatesPer Person SharingSingle
11th January  to 31st March 2022US$552US$552
1st April to 31st October 2022US$688US$1032
1st November to 20th December 2022US$552US$552
21st December 2022 to 10th January 2023US$688US$1032

Between the 15th November and 31st March every year, we get better rates if you are combining with Botswana, so do check with us on this.

The Elephant Camp – West Camp Exclusive Use Rates A maximum of 8 adults and 8 children sharing in 4 family suites
11th January to 31st March 2022US$3862
1st April to 31st October 2022US$4814
1st November to 20th December 2022US$3862
21st December 2022 to 10th January 2023US$4814

Special rates may be available so email us for these and we can put your whole package together.

Rates Include / Exclude

Accommodation with all meals and drinks; plus the activities mentioned above
Complimentary mini bars in the rooms
Return Victoria Falls Airport / Livingstone Airport transfers & shuttle to Victoria Falls town
Laundry (No dry-cleaning or special care items), Emergency Medical Evacuation cover, 2% Tourism levy, VAT on accommodation, meals, and drinks

Rates Exclude / At An Additional Charge:
Premium brand drinks
Curios and all items of a personal nature
Rainforest Entry Fees (Applies to Zimbabwe Tour of the Falls)
River Usage Fees (Applies to Sunset Cruise)
Park Fee for Canopy Tour
Conservation Levy of USD 15 per person per night

The Elephant Camp Accommodation Special Offers

Check with us at all times to see if there are any other offers available.

Green Season is from 11th January until 31st March and 1st November to 20th December; every year.

Pay 2, Stay 3 Special

Stay for three nights and only pay for two nights in Green Season. The Conservation Levy is still payable per person per night for 3 nights.

Family Special

Children between 7 – 16 years inclusive; stay for free with adults sharing one family unit with a maximum of 2 children per unit. The conservation levy is payable per person per night.

The Family Special is valid during Green Season

Victoria Falls Honeymoon Special

Bride pays 50% of the nightly per person rate, with a romantic turn-down, and a private dinner with sparkling wine.
Valid Year Round.

4 Night Signature Special Package

Spend 2 nights at Old Drift Lodge, and 2 nights at The Elephant Camp; and receive a complementary 12/13 Minute Helicopter Flight of Angels; excluding Helicopter Flight Park Fees of US$ 15 per person.

Elephant Camp (Victoria Falls)
Elephant Camp
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

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